Coconut Geode Human Skull

  • £119.00

Metaphysically, Coconut Geodes are known as The Stones of Concentration and Altered States of Consciousness. They really are the ultimate shaman's stone as they readily assist in bringing visions and aiding shamanic journeys. They are closely connected to Goddess energy, gifting us with compassionate perspective. Coconut Geodes possess a very useful vibration which can assist with decision making, or any matter which require high concentration. They show us how to essentially block out that which doesn't pertain to the immediate issue at hand, providing an uninterrupted environment, conducive to mental focus and intellectual insight. 

Coconut Geodes activates all the chakra's as well as open up blocked energies which helps to maintain equilibrium with the surroundings. It also offers positive energies to enhance the owners frequency. 

Coconut Geodes vibrate to the number 6, they are associated with Virgo and Aquarius. 

Carver: Raven 

Weight: 160 grams 
Size: 6cm x 5cm 
                                                                                                                      REF: Geo26

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