Why Choose Henge Skulls?

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Avebury Stone Circle & crop circle © Philippe Ullens, Henge Skulls

Feel the energy of our crystals inside Avebury stone circle

See & Touch Our Crystal Skulls

Given the very intense relationship between a skull and its caretaker, all our skulls are displayed in our shop where they can be seen and touched so that visitors can experience the energy of the stones.

  • A “henge” is a prehistorical circle, of standing stone like Stonehenge, or wood like Woodhenge. Hengeskulls is based at the Henge Shop within the Avebury stone circle, the biggest circle of standing stones in Europe.

  • Avebury is located at the meeting point of important leylines, the main lines of energy of this planet. This makes of Avebury a crossroads between all kind of dimensions.

  •  Avebury's position makes it an interesting place to connect with the starbeings who created the crystal skulls. This probably explains why half of the crop circles happen around Avebury.

  • Pilgrims and visitors searching for soulfood have been coming to Avebury stone circle for thousands of years.

Henge Shop crystal skulls room

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