The Legend of Crystal Skulls

I heard this legend from three different continents. You will find it also in the well-known “mystery of crystal skulls” of Morton & Thomas or in the books of Dawn Henderson: it is impressive how widespread this legend is.

It speaks about twelve races of starbeings* visiting the planet for hundreds of thousand years. They are fascinated by the Beauty of this unique planet. They also would like to help its primitive inhabitants in their development.

The Power of Quartz & Symbolic Human Skulls

Quartz can store and process data, so each starbeing left a piece of their deepest knowledge and wisdom in twelve huge pieces of quartz to support our growth. They gave them the symbolic shape of a human skull. Together, they created skull No. 13 as the maestro coordinating this orchestra.

Ancient & Modern Crystal Skulls

These thirteen skulls are well hidden. A legend says that the last time they were together was 500 years ago in Teotihuacan just before the Spanish arrival. They were then dispersed and carefully concealed.

Modern “little” skulls are like iphones or ipads which can help connect in meditation and mindful practise with the thirteen original ones and their creators.

Philippe Ullens

Philippe Ullens, HengeSkulls

*Starbeing skulls are also sometimes called alien skulls