Who Carves our Crystals?

Posted by Philippe Ullens on

Crystal skull close-up at Henge Skulls

Skulls from Brazil

Leandro: a Brazilian carver based in Minas Geiras, the land of quartz.

Leandro carves mainly big quartz skulls which make a powerful statement. Most often, he moves the block of quartz towards the tool, instead of moving the tools towards the stone. 

Skulls from the US

Ravenia & Raven: This couple was based in Idaho

Raven has a deep knowledge of stones and carving, especially North American stones. Ravenia knew about the metaphysical properties of crystals & skulls. We still have many of their skulls in our collection, they combine beauty and depth.

Skulls from China 

Skullis: based in Beijing 

This company`s original skill was in the polishing of spheres and eggs, especially Pietersite. Years ago, they became the main Chinese creator of high quality skulls. They work constantly with a team of artists & designers to create new designs.

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