Who Carves our Crystals?

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Crystal skull close-up at Henge Skulls

Skulls from Brazil

Leandro :: a Brazilian carver based in Minas Geiras, the land of quartz

Leandro carves mainly big quartz skulls. Most often, he moves the block of quartz towards the tool, instead of moving the tools towards the stone. Although not the most sophisticated nor accurate shape, most of his skulls are powerful quartz statements.

Skulls from the US

Ravenia & Raven :: This couple was based in Idaho

Raven knows about stones, especially about North American stones and about carving. Ravenia knew about the metaphysical properties of crystals & skulls. She died a few years ago, and he retired. They are still our main source of skulls which combine beauty and depth.

Skulls from China 

Skullis :: based in Beijing 

This company`s original skill was in the polishing of spheres and eggs, especially Pietersite. Years ago, they became the main Chinese creator of high quality skulls. They work constantly with a team of artists- designers to create new designs.

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