Star Elfin & Star Faery

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We began in 2010 by collecting Crystal Skulls, but in 2019 began searching for something more feminine and beautiful. And our Star Elfin and Star Faery were born – bespoke to Henge Skulls.

Henge Skulls is based in the centre of the village of Avebury, the largest prehistoric stone circle in Europe, home to Silbury Hill and to over 80% of the UK’s crop circles. Avebury is the meeting point of important energetic ley lines, whereby it can act as a portal, where universal dimensions are paper thin, thus a perfect place for creative conception.

Avebury is a temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine, inspiring the desire to create our Star Beings as more feminine, beautiful and alive. The unique energy of the phenomenal crop circles found around Avebury have greatly inspired these Star Beings and remain fundamental to their DNA. There was a strong desire to carve Star Beings that radiated heart energy, gentleness, wisdom and feminine energy – beings that can help us meditate and connect with those in another space and time to us.

The Elfin’s have been influenced partly by the characteristics of the Avatar’s in James Cameron’s film Avatar and partly by the cat-like, hieratical Egyptian Hathor’s. They have striking features, are powerful & majestic. Whereas the Faeries are designed to be softer and more down to earth.

These beings are exclusive to Henge Skulls and are carved for us in China in a variety of different beautiful crystals. Our intention is to spread love, joy and peace with these special beings.

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