Call of the Ancients (The Skull Chronicles 6)

Call of the Ancients (The Skull Chronicles 6)

  • £10.00

Melia, Priestess of the Pyramid Temple in Atlantis, stumbles in despair through the high mountain ranges at the edge of the continent. Alone, frightened, and pregnant, her exhausted body wracked by the agonising pains of labour. Hunted mercilessly by an enemy who will never give up.

For with her is the quartz crystal Skull A-Lar, one of the 13 sacred and powerful Skulls of Light that once graced the Temple with their wisdom and guidance. Those who pursue her will kill to possess it.

But A-Lar is safe, and today lies buried somewhere in the rolling green countryside of south west England, waiting for his new Guardian to find him.
Author: D K Henderson
Format: Paperback
Pages: 383

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