Gneiss Dragon (Gne10)

  • £75.00

Gneiss is often foliated, composed of layers of sheet-like planar structures. The foliations are characterized by alternating darker and lighter coloured bands called “gneissic banding”

Gneiss is a very pleasant to old in hand, like holding the hand of a very old wise friend.

It helps to face unpleasant situations with calm and to wait peacefully for transformation. It gently helps to recognize and give-up bad habits and unhelpful behaviours.

In Callanish, the landscape is huge, the ocean is close, life is wild, the connection with the moon and the stars is strong. This Lewissian Gneiss connects you with all this.

The Isle of Lewis where this stone originates is a land of strong Celtic creativity which expresses itself in the composition of a lot of music, of Celtic jewellery, of Harris Tweed. 

Carver: Henge Skulls Carver
Size: 6 cm long
Weight: 82 grams

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