Ametrine Human Skull

  • £309.00

Ametrine calms the mind by clearing stress and tension from the head. Balances and soothes emotions and relieves depression. Ametrine is an excellent healing stone for releasing blocked energy. It releases blocked energy from the Solar Plexus, Crown, and Third Eye Chakras. It can also help get you "un-stuck" in general, as the combination of Citrine and Amethyst promotes lateral thinking and creativity, and can help you come up with unique solutions to problems. 

Ametrine is a fast and effective in its action, and is particular useful in long standing illnesses as it brings insight into the cause of a disease. Ametrine gets to the bottom of things. Its powerful cleansing properties disperse toxins from the body.

Carver: Skullis

Weight: 604 grams 
Size: 9cm x 7.5cm 
                                                                                                    REF: Am32

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