Ammolite Human Skull (Aml03)

  • £950.00

Ammolite is said to be a powerful healing fossil for the Earth. It is also believed they are said to symbolise continual change and evolution. Ammolite is said to stimulate the chi life force within. It is suggested that putting Ammolite in the home attracts  health, prosperity and success. 

Ammolite converts negative energy into harmoniously flowing energy. As a powerful karmic cleanser, it releases mental obsessions. Stimulating survival instincts and encoding your lifepath, Ammolite offers structure and clarity. 

Ammolites carry the full spectrum of colours of the first 7 Chakras. However, it resonates most to the Soma Chakra. 

Carver: Skullis

Weight: 228 grams 
Size: 7cm x 7cm 
                                                                                                             REF: Aml03

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