Blue Calcite Skull (BC06)

  • £199.00

Blue Calcite resonates quite strongly within both the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra. Due to its vibration within these Chakras, it has a good action that may assist anyone who is doing any type of spiritual or psychic work. If you are in psychic employment and need to communicate what you heard when visiting the higher realms, this crystal will help you to express messages from your guides more clearly. 

Blue Calcite can assist you to be more conscious of the way that others are thinking, even when no words are spoken. It may help you to remove blockages that have prevented clarity in your psychic visions, a psychic gift that is also known as clairvoyance. 

This gorgeous blue crystal may assist you to deal with the anguish and emotional confusion, as well as with the associated anxiety and stress. It has a lovely comforting and calming action, with an energy that may assist you if you feel emotionally distraught or fearful. 

Carver: Leandro
Weight: 878 grams 
Size: 10cm long.

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