Blue Jasper Star Faery (BJ03F)

  • £105.00

Blue Jasper connects to the spirit world, stimulates the throat chakra, balances yin-yang energy, and stabilizes the aura. Blue Jasper may sustain energy levels during periods of fasting. Blue Jasper may also be helpful in the healing from degenerative diseases and balancing mineral deficiencies. When placed on the Navel and Heart chakras, Blue Jasper is supportive for astral travel.

Metaphysically, Jasper is called The Stone of Shamanism. It is considered a perfect, traditional choice for anyone journeying down the Shaman's path. Jasper is an excellent stone for dream recall... it allows the dreamer to remember the aspects which could be useful or consequential in one's life. It also affords the user a high degree of psychic protection during Shamanic practices. 

Jasper vibrates to the number 6, it is associated with Taurus.

Weight: 64grams 
Size: 1.75 inches

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