Blue Lace Agate Human Skull

  • £69.00

Blue Lace Agate counteracts the repression and suppression of feelings caused by past fears, judgments, or rejections. It dissolves old blockage patterns and doubt, and permits new methods of self-expression and growth. Blue Lace Agate inspires loyalty and trustworthiness. It is a support crystal for all caregivers, calming stress-related situations and overcoming communication difficulties. 

As a support crystal , Blue Lace Agate assists those who fear speaking in public or sharing thoughts and ideas with strangers. It is a great stone for those who communicate for a living. Blue Lace Agate also tranquilizers and relaxes the mind of executives, and calms stress. 

Blue Lace Agate, with its blue crystal energy, will open and clear the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body, a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed.

Weight: 28 grams 
Size: 2.7cm x 2.5cm 
                                                                                                                REF: BLA04

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