Chrysoprase Star Being

  • £110.00

Metaphysically, Chrysoprase is called the Stone of Acceptance. It encourages grace and compassion, and non-judgmental attitudes towards oneself and others. This stone is legendary as a Dream Stone, and is known to produce intuitive visions and premonitions. Meditating with Chrysoprase can facilitate a deep heart connection with the Earth. Some like to use this to manifest abundance, or to bring courage to act on our convictions. 

Chrysoprase vibrates to the number 3 and it is associated with the Astrological signs of Libra and Scorpio. Chrysoprase opens activates and energises the Heart and Sacral Chakras. 

Carver: Skullis 

Weight: 128 grams
Size: 5.4cm x 4cm 
                                                                                                             REF: Ch04

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