Chrysoprase Human Skull (Ch05)

  • £80.00

Chrysoprase promotes optimism and personal insight. Inducing deep meditative states, it imparts a sense of being part of the divine whole. This stone assists in looking at egotistical motives in the past and the effect that has had on your development, and aligns your ideals with your behaviour. Chrysoprase heals your inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood, and, overcoming thoughts, turns your attention to positive events. This stone stimulates acceptance of oneself and others. 

Chrysoprase opens, activates and energises the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra relates to your connection to everyone and everything around you. Chrysoprase vibrates to the number three and it is associated with the Astrological signs of Libra and Scorpio. 

Carver: Raven

Weight: 78 grams 
Size: 5cm x 4.3cm 
                                                                                                                 REF: Ch05

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