Dendritic Agate Human Skull (DAg01)

  • £65.83

Dendritic Agate is the ideal stone for self-examination, and it will remove your self-imposed limitations and behaviour patterns that create your life experiences. It’s a helpful talisman that will aid you in meditation, therapy, and rebirth. It will also help you in making the necessary behavioural changes that will help you achieve your desired results. Dendritic Agate will promote maturity, composure, and inner stability. This stone’s warm, loving, and protective vibrations will promote security, stability, and self-confidence.

It will promote self-acceptance, and it will give you the confidence and courage to speak your own truth.

It will enhance your mental functions by improving your analytical abilities, perception, and concentration.

Weight: 145 grams 
Size: 5.3cm x 4.5cm 
                                                                                                                REF: DAg01

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