Fire Quartz Human Skull (FQ01)

  • £499.00

Fire Quartz is a gemstone that symbolizes fire, just as its name is. It has meaning and properties of vitalizing owner's energy. All the energy inside the body can be stimulated by Fire Quartz. It is very powerful and dependable gemstone. Fire Quartz also has a meaning and properties of enhancing the ability to take actions. It is often used for solving practical problems, not mental problems. It would ignite your motivation and enthusiasm to let you take actions. 

This gemstone has a meaning and properties of balancing life energy well. Just as adjusting the fire on a stove, it can divide your energy. Fire Quartz will make your fire strong when you need good motivation, and make your fire smaller when you need to cool down. 

Weight: 1047 grams 
Size: 12cm x 7cm 
                                                                                                                REF: FQ01

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