Hemimorphite Human Skull

  • £349.00

Metaphysically, Hemimorphite is known as The Stone of Empathy, Communication, and Respect. It assists the development of self respect and personal growth y encouraging a compassionate attitude. This stone is an excellent choice for those who have troubled relationships as it shows us that we are all of the same Divine Source of energy and that which we do another we also do to ourselves. 

Hemimorphite has strong healing capacities, mending wounded emotions with gentle loving energy. It soothes the Throat Chakra and allows us to speak our truths with elegance and confidence. It also assists in voice channelling, relaxing the vocal cords so they can be used in this way with ease. 

Hemimorphite vibrates to the numbers 1, 2, and 4. It is associated with Libra and Aquarius. 

Weight: 994 grams 
Size: 11.5cm x 8.5cm 
                                                                                                                   REF: Hemi04

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