Citrine Star Elfin (MMC03E)

  • £60.00

New Product - heat treated Citrine. 

So why man-made Citrine? Citrine is becoming increasingly difficult to source. Its price has doubled in the last 4-5 months. Many of our suppliers confirmed the mines/quarries were shut due to Covid-19 thus creating a supply and demand problem, which will take time to improve. In the meantime, we believe these heat treated alternatives are interesting. 

It is made of small Citrine pieces assembled by electrolytic and high-pressure treatment. Our pieces are wonderfully carved with the central line perfectly centred. We at Henge Skulls feel it is not only easy on the eyes but also pleasant in hand, heating up almost as well as Quartz and giving the same joyful uplifting energy one would expect of Citrine. 

Follow your intuition with these beings, we were drawn to them... perhaps you will be tempted?

Weight: 59 grams 
Size: 1.75 inches

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