Petalite Human Skull

  • £49.00

Petalite is a protective stone that will remove the negative energies in your surroundings. It's a stone that you should have to ward off negative physic attacks, thoughts and karma. It will help you become more receptive to your cosmic consciousness and expand your level of awareness. It will enhance your psychic abilities and connection to your guardian angels. It will also improve your abilities to reach the astral state to communicate with your spirit guides, ancient ancestors. 

Petalite has a calming and resonating energy that you can harness during difficult periods and challenging times. It will also give relief in highly stressful situations. This stone's healing energies can help reduce tumours, develop muscle flexibility, improve eyesight, and even promote cellular renewal. 

Carver: Raven 

Weight: 34 grams 
Size: 3.8cm x 2.8cm 
                                                                                                                               REF: Pet05

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