Quantum Silica Quatro Human Skull

  • £349.00

Metaphysically, Quantum Silica Quatro is known as The Stone of Divine Healing. It is renowned for its intense, versatile energy. It has the ability to realign the Chakra's, strengthen one's immunity (on all levels), helping one move past trauma, fear and anger. It is very potent healer, on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. It encourages forgiveness of others as well as one's self, nurturing love and understanding within us. Quantum Silica Quatro promotes clarity and perception, making decisions easier on any level easier. 

Quantum Silica Quatro vibrates to the number 9, it is associated with all Astrological signs. 

Carver: Raven 

Weight: 450 grams 
Size: 8.5cm x 7cm 
                                                                                                                    REF: QSQ03 

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