Rhodochrosite Human Skull (Rh10)

  • £129.00

Rhodochrosite increases mind-to-mind or telepathic links between you and family members or animals. It can also be used as a calling-back crystal to generate news or contact with a lost friend, relative or former love. Place the crystal next to a photograph of the missing person and place your hands on either side of the stone. Visualize where and when you were last together, say the person’s name softly three times and ask them to get in touch or send news. For a pet, imagine it back in its place, and leave the crystal where it used to love sitting or sleeping, or on a surface near the exit or entrance the animal used most.

Weight: 29 grams 
Size: 3cm x 2.5cm 
                                                                                                                  REF: Rh10

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