Septarian Geode Human Skull (Sep04)

  • £2,455.00

Metaphysically, Septarian is known as The Deva Stone. It is traditionally said to enhance one's ability to perceive Higher Truth and Unconditional Love. Septarian has a highly energizing quality, bringing joy and optimism to the keeper while giving an immediate connection to Earth Mother and the Elemental Spirits who inhabit our planet. 

It is said that each individual Septarian nodule has its own Deva living within, an entity of love and magic direct from the heart of Gaia. 

Septarian vibrates to the number 7, it is associated with Libra and Sagittarius. 

Carver: Raven 

Weight: 3274 grams (3.274 KG)
Size: 16.7cm x 13cm 
                                                                                                                REF: Sep04

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