Seraphenite Human Skull (Sera03)

  • £150.00

Seraphenite helps you to release the belief systems or patterns that result in the manifestation of the same physical diseases or illnesses suffered by you and your family members. With this stone you are able to choose a different outcome and focus on breaking the pattern. Seraphenite reminds you to take the appropriate action to ward off diseases that are normally considered hereditary. 

Seraphenite removes old emotions. It helps to cleanse away feelings that no longer serve you by bringing clarity to the source of the emotional imbalance, thereby releasing its charge or effect on you. Use this stone to cut emotional cords from past relationships that still bind you. When used with a clear intention, Seraphenite can disconnect your emotional buttons, which removes someone else's ability to agitate you.

Weight: 22 grams
Size: 3.3cm x 2.5cm 
                                                                                                                     REF: Sera03

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