Sonora Sunrise Skull

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Metaphysically, Sonora Sunrise is known as The Stone of Empowerment and Freedom. It is a great choice for those who feel ‘stuck’ in a daily routine as it shows us that we are indeed the captains of our individual situations and that by acknowledging this inherent responsibility empowerment of Self is achieved.

It helps us recognise opportunities that would best serve our specific interests and incites passion to make the most of each situation. It also encourages spontaneity, and acceptance of spontaneous events within one’s life.

Sonora is perfect for those seeking change, as the energy of Sonoran Sunrise is one of new found freedom. Due to its high Copper content, this pretty stone is a natural healer.

Sonora Sunrise vibrates to the numbers 2 and 7, it is associated with Leo and Sagittarius.

This skull is special as, we are one of the only suppliers on the planet that have this stone in skull form. We have a limited number of these incredible skulls, and as the Quarry they are found dried up last year , these will be some of the last skulls like this in the world.

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Cracks or holes in the skull do not effect its' integrity. 

Ref: SN02

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