Holy Ice: Past Lives & Crystal Skulls

Holy Ice: Past Lives & Crystal Skulls

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Holy Ice - Past Lives & Crystal Skulls: The Secrets of Time Continuing the Journey of a Soul

There has never been a more important time to be alive on planet Earth than right now. The old ways aren't working- as evidenced by climate change, pollution & today's environmental crisis, and while we can't stop change, we can work with it.

Native American legends tell of 13 ancient Crystal Skulls , the size of human skulls, which hold information vital for the very survival of the human race - and though they have been scattered and hidden, one day they will be brought back together to save us from disaster.

Join me on a journey through the past and the future as the Crystal Skulls impart their knowledge and reveal the secrets of time. From Atlantis to the present day, memories researched through regression provide the key to our future and that of our planet. 

We are at a pivotal point of power that the legends foretold, and we can make a difference....

Format: Paperback
Author: Paulinne Delcour-Min
Pages: 291

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