20th May 2022 - Pleiadian High Elven Meditation: Online via Zoom

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There is an exciting opportunity here to connect with the High Elven Race of Star Beings associated with the Pleiades through an Online meditation with the Star Elfin Crystals Skulls.
This 20-5-22 date hold infinite possibilities of expansion to be received from these gracious star ambassadors of heart-centered consciousness, as it is at the time when the Sun is in alignment with the Pleiades Stars.
You do not need a Star Elfin Crystal Skull to participate in this workshop, as we will be holding a powerful connection with the High Elven Ones through a grid of Star Elfin skulls in the Cosmic Classroom™ for the duration of this event. However, those who are already guardian are invited to include their Star Elfins companions.
The intention for the gathering is to draw together those who are willing to open themselves fully to be a clear channel to receive energy & messages; with the expectation of bringing forwards new vibrations & information for both personal and planetary expansion.
You will be guided through a series of visualization meditations to facilitate an expanded state of awareness of Self, in order to receive clear communication with High Elven Beings of the Pleiades stars.
Between each meditation you will be invited to speak of the insights you have received through this contact, so that the group benefits from the Star Wisdom offered to us, as a whole.
Some previous meditation experience is recommended. It is open to those who feel drawn to participate with an open heart and mind who feel capable of holding their own focus and balance.

@Sue Coulson is an accomplished channel for higher dimensional beings of light from the Star Nations. She has a particular strong connection with the Pleiades and the Lionine Star Races who she has been developing an evolving relationship with since 2007.
She has many years of experience of holding a safe space for people to form a lasting relationship with the benevolent beings from other realms.
The Star Elfin Crystal Skulls are available exclusively from The Henge Shop in Avebury. View their collection here: https://www.hengeskulls.com/collections/star-elfins
Friday 20th May 2022 ~ 18.00 to 20.30 UK Time (BST)
Check your timezone here:
This is an Online workshop Via Zoom.
A contribution of £35 per person is invited to support the facilitation of this event.
Number of participants in limited to a maximum of 10 people
Registration in now Open.
Full payment will be requested at time of booking to secure your place. Your payment is non-refundable should you choose to withdraw.
Registration closes at 12 Noon on the day of the event or when all 10 places have been filled.
Please read the full T&C's on the Website
Important! Please note this session will be recorded. Only participants will have access to the reply. This measure is implemented to protect the privacy of those who take part.

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