16th May 2022 ~ Online Meditation Workshop via Zoom

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Lunar Eclipse Star Wisdom ~ Online Live via Zoom from the Cosmic Classroom, set in the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.
Monday 16th May 2022 7am - 8.30am BST
You are invited to unite your Heart with a group of focused individuals to bring through a transmission of Star Wisdom from the higher-dimensional Beings of Light from the Starlight Realms.
The Scorpio Full Moon this year creates a Total Lunar Eclipse. The shadow path will move over northern continents. The full coverage will be visible in Avebury, UK, but the moon will set before the eclipse is complete,
This celestial event is uniquely loaded with potent potential to expand our awareness of self, and develop our cosmic consciousness; as there are a number of other significant planetary alignments also occurring at this time. We find Venus is conjunction with Chiron indicating that deep healing is available to support an expansion in our view of self-worth, and deliver a new level of consciousness.
This is to be an empowering event to assist with your personal integration of the cosmic vibrations flowing to you, and through the Earth, Moon, Planets & the Stars at this time.
There will be an introduction to the energetic theme of this moon phase, followed by guided visualization meditations to support your surrender into an expanded sense of self.
To close, you be invited to share about your experience with the group.
This gathering is scheduled so that we can share a heart-space together after the moon has set in the UK, but before the eclipse is complete so that we are still in the energy.
Our online gathering is via ZOOM video conference system.
On Monday 16th May 2022 for 1.5 Hour ~ 07.00 to 08.30 BST (Morning UK time) .
Check here for your timezone:
Advanced booking essential.
Registration will close at 21.00 BST on 15th May.
An exchange of £16.16 is requested to support the facilitation of this gathering, which is a discount from our usual price.
To book you place please use the link below:
The Login information will be sent via email to the address used for payment, along with confirmation of your enrollment.
The session will be recorded. To comply with our privacy policy only those who participate will be given access to the replay.
The free Zoom app will need to be installed to your device ahead of time ~ following the instructions in the link below:
This event will be hosted live from the Cosmic Classroom™, within the Avebury Stone Circle, giving us remote access to the powerful energetics of this ancient sacred site.
@Sue Coulson is an accomplished channel. She has many years of experience holding a safe space for people to explore the unseen realms and the full expanse of their multi-dimensional self.
Sue is the founder of @Cosmic Classroom™, a dedicated high vibration meditation center situated inside the Avebury Stone Circle.
#Avebury is a world heritage site in the south west of England, home to the largest ancient stone circle in the world. It is a powerfully energetic place, a star portal, sitting mid-way along the St Michael Ley, offering access to the global Earth grid network.
Sue has been visiting the stones at each moon phases & studying the energy of Avebury Henge for over 15 years, as part of the Psychic Survey project. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to make this a unique and informative event.

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