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Cosmic Classroom logoIn spring 2010 I had my first encounter with the Crystal Skulls. A mutual friend introduced me to Philippe Ullens, the owner of the Henge Shop in Avebury. I was invited into the stock room of the shop to listen to his personal journey of awakening to the skulls. 

We sat facing each other across a table that held 30 or 40 small crystal skulls, each one delicately carved from a different crystal or stone. Philippe handled them with loving care as he spoke passionately about them. I listened with interest, but part of my mind was wondering what all the fuss was about. 

A shift to of consciousness

I had collected crystals since I was a kid. I learned about geology and mineralogy in my 20’s & 30’s, long before I trained as a Crystal Healer and discovered their metaphysical properties and energetic gifts. But this was something different altogether.

Philippe was explaining about a shift in consciousness that occurs when you spend time with the skulls… Really? I was sceptical to say the least.

As his story came to an end he invited me to select one of the skulls from the table, to hold for a moment. ‘Which one speaks to you?’ he asked. Truthfully, none of them did. Despite the beauty of the crystals, they all looked a little scary/ugly to me, and not at all appealing. I didn’t want to appear rude or disrespectful so I closed my eyes for a second to feel into the situation. In that moment I recalled seeing a larger black and white skull sitting on a shelf in the corner of the room as I had entered. It has caught my eye and stood out from all the others.

Philippe was kind enough to fetch this skull for me. As he handed it to me I heard word in my mind, ‘My name is Tony’. I was shocked as I wasn’t expecting that. I told Philippe the skull had told me its name, and we both laughed, as Tony seemed so ordinary, not at all like some of the names he had mentioned in our earlier conversation, like Heart-Star, a skull he had met in Sedona whilst on retreat.

I could hear the skull speak

I left our meeting with Tony wrapped up in my bag, as this dear man had suggested that it might be of benefit if I borrowed him for a while. Despite the obvious connection with this skull that I couldn’t deny, I was still sceptical about the whole encounter, as I wasn’t sure what I was meant to ‘do’ with it now that I had it.

The drive home that day was interesting to say the least, as I could still hear the skull speaking in my mind.

My name is Tone’y. Tone. Vibration. Tone. Every tone from the highest frequency, the brightest light, to the darkness of nothingness, stillness, and all vibrations in between.

That was the day that changed everything. As I look back now I can attribute that day as a major turning point in my life. Over time I discovered that this Crystal Skull holds a very clear space for me to make a connection with the Crystal Skull Collective, and the Higher Dimensional Beings of Light from the Pleiades star system. 

These Lightbeings have been important guides in my own awakening; helping me to understand  my connection with the Starlight realms, to find the Star Portals within the Avebury Stone Circle, and step into my role as a facilitator assisting other to rediscover their star origins.

For me the beauty of an encounter with a crystals skull is that it open a space in our hearts which allows us to dream bigger, to receive more energy, and accept a shift in consciousness that shows us we are connected to a collective. Not just the human collective, but that we also have the potential to connect with the ancient star races who gifted the original crystal skulls to our planet.

Channelling skulls

I have learned about their stories through channelling, by both holding space for others to channel messages through the modern Crystal Skulls, like Tone’y, and by doing some channelling work myself. The stories that come through are often so fantastic, and off the charts of unbelievable at times, that you can’t help but to believe; especially when you know that those who are speaking the words have no prior knowledge.

They have not read books or watched hours of media, and they have not had these kinds of experiences before. It is a pure message that is coming through them, heart-felt and true.

These experiences have been fascinating and humbling, for they have brought me the awareness that there is a much wider perspective to our existence than our everyday point of view.

We are Cosmic Citizens. Before meeting the Crystals Skulls I did not know we have the ability to communicate directly with benevolent beings of the stars who are here to help our evolution.

It is so special to know that they are supporting our understanding of who we really are, and asking us to claim our gifts as empowered beings. 

I believe there is nothing but blessings to be gained from communication with the Crystal Skull collective. Their wisdom encourages us to release our fears, so that we can live harmoniously in a heart centred community.

Sue now has her own space within the Henge Shop in Avebury, called the Cosmic Classroom™, where she facilitates regular meditation with the Crystal Skulls, and offers 1:1 support for those wishing to develop their channelling skills.

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