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5 years ago, back in 2019, we began searching for a being more feminine and beautiful than the traditional Crystal Skulls we have been selling since 2010 - this is when our Star Elfin & Star Faerie were born. An idea originally created and designed by us here at Henge Skulls.

There was a strong desire to create Star Beings that radiated heart energy, gentleness, wisdom and feminine energy - beings that can help us meditate and connect with those in another space and time to us. 

The Elfin's have been influenced partly by the movie "Avatar" and partly by the cat-like, hieratical Egyptian Hathor's.

The Faeries are designed to be softer and more down to Earth.

Our intention is to spread love, joy and peace with these special beings.

What's new....

So why are saying all this? Well....When we first started working on these beautiful beings, we were new to the designing element of the business and our

carvers were new to us also & not used to carving such intricate pieces. We worked very closely with them to ensure the pieces were just as we imagined and thus the price of the finished pieces reflected the time and work that went into this.  

However, now we are very pleased to announce that we have recently been in renegotiation with our carvers and have come to a new collaboration, which enables us to now make our Elfins & Faeries more affordable without compromising on the quality of the pieces. 

Our Elfins & Faeries will now be available starting at just £40, with the price increasing dependant on size and the stone it is carved from. 

We hope that this enables us to spread the love and joy we originally intended, to a wider audience. 

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