Philippe's Introduction to Skulls and The Skulls He Carries Everyday

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In my pocket since childhood

Since I`m a kid, I walk with 2 palm stones in my pockets.

  • Inexpensive treasures: You can pick them yourself in riverbeds, and they`ll be as beautiful as you can be patient to find them.
  • Reliable: they will not disappear when you most need them.
  • They enjoy being caressed, the more the better for both partners. The more you do it, the more patina, beautiful and so smooth in hand.

Much later, visiting a monastery, I discovered carved and polished palm stones the monks were using as hand radiators. Their cells were cold and humid. Holding those palm stones would heat them up. This way, they would most often have a radiator along.

Beyond all those rational reasons, there was a deep joy to hold them in hand, a feeling also that my hands had their own intelligence, awareness and joy in this process. I would often tend to bypass my thinking brain and follow the attractions of my eyes and my hands.

Practising Tai chi and Qi gong, I discovered that I had powerful chakras in the palm of my hands, that I could use them to heal, to “listen” to the objects in my (left) hand, to project intentions or energy (right hand). I took the habit to hold a grounding stone in my left hand, and a high vibration one in my right hand.

Typically, I would take one or two stones in hand, let them heat up, and when they were cold again, it meant that we had shared whatever we had to share. Occasionally, I would spend the night with stones in hand.

Progressively, over many years, I learned about the meaning of the colours of the chakras. This gave me some clues to understand the properties of stones. Although, intuition always gets priority over theory. It is only recently that I became aware that 60 years of intuitive practice leads up to the build up of something :>)

One day, I bumped into Heartstar, a crystal skull. After 15 years of dream analysis, this guy, on my night table or in my hand, would bring a new dimension to my dreaming! This “upgraded” my relationship to crystals and stones.

I tested it and asked to my hands their viewpoint. With a skull made of a given stone in one hand, and a palm stone made of the same stone in the other, which one would they prefer? Systematically the skull. Probably due to the power of the symbolic shape, my hands were feeling more attracted, connected, alive, conscious, joyful holding a crystal skull rather than a palm stone…

Between 2010 and 15, I might have bought a few skulls, mainly from Ravenia & Raven, also from Skullis and Leandro. Ravenia was a remarkable teacher about the properties of stones and skulls. A beautiful soul and remarkable teacher disappeared when she passed away. Although, I often have the feeling she is teaching more than ever :>). Raven retired then, and I stopped purchasing human skulls.

I bought many “female alien” skulls from Skullis: they are beautiful, many feel feminine and remind me of beings` portraits in crop circles, of Barbara Lamb`s book about aliens and her book with Miguel Mendonca about hybrids. (

In my pocket today

3 Star Elfins and 3 Star Faeries are constantly with me.

  • The Star Elfins connect me to the stars, to my star family, remind me of my origin.
  • In their DNA, you`ll find, among other things, the nose of Neytiri in Avatar, the eyes of the Egyptian Hathors, some of their feline nature as well, the ears of Legolas and his tribe of Elves in the Lord of the Rings. They are beautiful, and a bit distant – impressive, nevertheless feminine.
  • Blue tiger eye is an amazingly beautiful stone, smooth and so delicious to touch, and is all about Seeing.
  • Deep purple amethyst is about the crown chakra, links with stars, the Universe and the Divine.
  • Chinese paint stone is fossilized argile, grounding, it connects to the Earth. To understand what she means to me, I would recommend reading “the Shack” by William Young.
  • The Henge faeries are a little rounder, with a finer nose, almond shaped eyes, gentler and so lovely. They were probably born under a mushroom with a bluebell hat. They are feminine beings and are more Earth-like.
  • The amazonite is amazingly beautiful, halfway between an amazonite and a chrysocolla in terms of colour and patterns. She symbolizes for me one of the wavelength of the healing green of the heart chakra. She is intense healing beauty.
  • The Sonora sunrise is made of 3 copper ores, a green, a red & a black. Copper is a healer and a connector. Like copper dowsing rods, she can connect me to anything. I like her compact weight which gives her an intense presence. She heats up so quickly, loves to be touched. She is intense red and intense green (healing green): two strong polarities, but so much more fun than black and white. She teaches me to accept and love my fun extremes. One of my favourite stone. The mine, the Millarepa mine, is empty :>(. Rare, expensive, precious.
  • The carnelian one is so sweet, lovely, uplifting, tender, gentle. Doesn`t need much explanation once you`ve seen it.
  • The 3 quartz, amazonite, carnelian and amethyst are high vibration stones and I keep them in my right hand, the 3 others are more grounding stones and stay in my left hand.
  • Today, amazonite and Sonora sunrise are in my pockets, and amethyst & Chinese paint stone were on night duty. Otherwise they`re on my desk, night table or camera bag. I`m so grateful to have these beings along to face our challenging human experience.

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