Crystals and Crop Circles

Posted by Philippe Ullens on

Henge skulls is based in Avebury UK, which has been the centre of gravity of crop circle activities for the last 30 years.

During those 30 years, portraits appeared in the fields. 2 were human portrait, but the 5 or 6 others were aliens.

Many people described us as “stardust”. Many of us long, like ET who wants to “go home”, to reconnect with the stars, and whatever family we might have up there.

I do believe that we would be emotionally much more balanced if we could reconnect with this family, with the stars, with the rest of the Universe. As we have never known anything else in this lifetime, we are underestimating how much we miss this connection.

Although, in the original 12 skulls legend, this were given to us by 12 different types of space visitors, Raven, Skullis, Leandro and many others defined their own alien skulls.

The Henge skulls were, up to now, strongly based on crop circle drawings.

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