Trudy's introduction to Crystal Skulls.

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Written by Trudy.

Do you remember your first experience with Crystal Skulls and/or Beings?

The first time I encountered them, I was instantly intrigued – I had never seen anything like them before working at the Henge Shop (Henge Skulls was still just an idea at the time).

A few years later, my Crystal Skull journey began. The first Skull I adopted was a beautiful Aqua Aura (which was very kindly gifted to me) and I knew he was meant to be my companion before we’d even unwrapped him from the box. The only way I can describe it is, it felt like he was calling to me! I knew there was a skull in there for me and the moment I unwrapped him I just knew. I had worked with crystals before, but skulls had never been of any serious interest until that moment.

For years after, this beautiful being became a constant companion. He has travelled with me as far as Australia!

Since then, I have come to adopt a wide variety of skulls in all sizes, from pocket sized Amber and Ocean Jasper to a not so pocket-sized Tourmaline mix (a stunning being created by combining chips of all different Tourmalines together – Blue, Green, Pink, Watermelon, Black, you name it it’s in there)

These beings are with me in all ways, at home, at work – even as I write this, I am accompanied by my newly adopted Citrine carved by Raven and an old soul Smoky Quartz carved by Skullis.

As you can probably tell, I am very much drawn to the traditional Human style carving. But what of our latest additions – Star Elfins & Star Faeries? Well in all honestly – I have not quite connected with them on a spiritual level yet, but one or two have recently started calling to me, so with a bit of time, these star beings may become as important of companions as they’re Human counterparts <3 I cannot deny they’re beauty & mystery so maybe I just need to open myself up to the information they wish to share?

So….what do I do with these skulls?

Some people actively meditate with them. Others simply keep them on them at all times – the beings themselves ready to be of use and share their guidance when needed. Me? I talk to them as though they are very old friends, listening when they have something to share. I don’t actively meditate with them very often – on occasion I am pulled to do that – to receive information or “download” messages as others might and that’s OK. For me, Skulls and Beings are just like your standard crystals….it’s a very personal journey, so I choose not to compare myself with the way others work with them anymore and neither should anyone.

Even if you only buy them because you think they look pretty – that’s OK too. Who knows, you may find yourself having your very own conversations with them in time….


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