Sapphire Human Skulls

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The dark blue colour of Sapphire fits with the colour of the Third Eye Chakra. Sapphire is thus known as 'the wisdom stone': blue Sapphire is great for activating intuition and psychic abilities; it helps to focus the intuition, and by doing so often calms the mind by releasing unwanted thoughts. Thanks to focus, it alleviates spiritual confusion bringing about a feeling of serenity and is also helpful for those who desire self-discipline. 

Sapphire is one of the hardest stones, making it hard to carve and shape; round pieces are so hard to make that none can be found in palm stones, eggs or spheres shape. But the skull shape allows it to sit nicely in the palm of your hand whilst you work with it. 

This is our viewpoint on this stone; it is only a viewpoint and we deeply encourage you to follow your own intuition, your eyes, your hands to develop your own viewpoint. 


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